Expanding UGSDW Representation to All

A Voice for Everyone.

Student workers deserve a say. UGSDW can give them one.

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Why a union?

Workers deserve a voice. Without student workers, there would be no food, no library, no mentor sessions, no mail delivery. We do vital work for the college. Some students work 20 hours a week. We should have a say in how we work.

Grinnell has always valued self-governance. College president George Gates famously said that “It is 10,000 times better that young people should learn to govern themselves.” Despite this, self-governance is notably absent in the workplace. Wages and hours are set arbitrarily by the administration, and jobs can disappear without notice or discussion.

Expansion announcement

UGSDW can provide a voice to student workers. Together, we can advocate for our common goals in a way that has not been possible before. We have an opportunity to fundamentally rethink the relationship between student labor and the college. We can make Grinnell the most unionized campus in the country, a place where democracy and fair wages are the rule rather than the exception.

“Student workers can shape the college that they serve. The fight to increase dining hall wages is an amazing and powerful example of we can do when we combine our voices in the name of student power.”
— Langston Thomas ’19, peer educator and vice-chair of SPARC

More Information and Resources

Looking for a more detailed argument in favor of UGSDW’s expansion? The union has put together an extensively-researched document arguing in favor unionization, and explaining why the college’s “arguments” are little more than convenient misrepresentations designed to deny student workers their rights.

You can hear from the college in it’s own words on its dedicated unionization website.

An FAQ for expansion is also available.