UGSDW Members Protesting to Demand Conversation on Expansion

Moving Backward: Statement on May 7 Student Campus Memo

Trustees suspended discussion on partial expansion at the last minute. UGSDW members are shocked, disappointed, and concerned.
Union vote

Members Elect Fall 2019 Executive Board

UGSDW voted on May 4, 2019 to elect officers of the Executive Board. The newly elected officers will assume office on July 1, 2019
UGSDW members occupying Nollen House on Dec. 14, 2018

Statement on Feb. 21 Special Campus Memo

Fighting for all student workers, UGSDW looks forward to a dialogue with the administration.
Letter sent to Grinnell's Board of Trustees

Our Letter to the Board of Trustees

UGSDW President Quinn Ercolani sent a letter to the trustees, explaining the reasons behind our recent disruption of their meeting, and reiterating our request for discussion and dialogue with the college.
UGSDW members sing at a meeting of the Board of Trustees.

Trustees Walk Out as UGSDW Asks for Dialogue

On February 8, to reiterate our demand for President Kington to meet with us and discuss our ongoing expansion campaign, 40 UGSDW members peacefully disrupted a meeting of the trustees of the college.
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$9.76 Wage under new contract
Food Safety Training
25% Decrease in unfilled shifts since new contract
Experience Bonuses
Grievance Procedure
620 Of your fellow students are members.