A Response to President Kington

Today President Kington sent out a Special Campus Memo addressing our ongoing unionization efforts. The memo is full of vague statements, and a few thinly-veiled threats. Notably absent is the recognition we have been fighting for: that student workers are employees and have the right to organize. The administration refuses to treat us as such; instead they advance an argument against unionization that is simply unsupported by the facts.

Grinnell’s Anti-worker Agenda

In September, UGSDW announced a campaign to bring union representation to all student workers at Grinnell. We tried to work with the Grinnell administration to reach an agreement that would ensure students had the right to decide for themselves whether to unionize or not, free from interference and intimidation.

Langston Thomas, speaking

The Most Unionized Campus in America

UGSDW announced Wednesday a new effort to unionize all student workers at Grinnell College. If successful, the union would triple the size of its bargaining unit and make Grinnell the only educational institution in the country to have every undergraduate worker represented by a union.
Workers at Grinnell's dining hall

Student Dining Workers Ratify New Contract with Grinnell College

UGSDW members voted unanimously Saturday to ratify a new two-year contract with Grinnell College, ending a months-long dispute over cost-of-living adjustments for dining hall employees. Beginning next week, wages will increase to $9.50 per hour from $9.25 per hour. Starting in July 2018, wages will increase again, in proportion to the raise received by other support staff at the college.

Members Reject Grinnell’s Final Offer — Again

Press Release

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$9.50 Wage under new contract
Food Safety Training
25% Decrease in unfilled shifts since new contract
Experience Bonuses
Grievance Procedure
275 Of your fellow students are members.