Student Workers at the "Meet the Dining Director" event

Grinnell College Illegally Threatens UGSDW

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At General Meeting, UGSDW Announces Campaign for $15 an Hour, Students Share Experiences with Understaffing

The Union of Grinnell Student Dining Workers (UGSDW) held its first general meeting of the fall 2021 semester on Saturday, November 6. At the meeting, attended by more than 40 student workers, the Union announced its next campaign: demanding a starting wage of $15 an hour for all workers in Dining Services.
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Mailroom Workers’ Fight for Demands Continues with Poster Action

This morning, mailroom supervisors came into a workplace covered in posters demanding immediate action on demands put forth by mailroom workers last month. Mailroom workers took action to reiterate their demands after the College opened an investigation into the hostile work environment in the mailroom.
Rally Outside JRC

Mailroom Workers Demand End to Toxic Work Environment

On Thursday, October 7, at 11:15 a.m., mailroom workers organizing with UGSDW delivered a set of demands to supervisors Kim Hegg and Payton Ronfeldt. They are demanding the supervisors cease making racist comments and misgendering workers, which has created a hostile work environment with few protections for workers. They are also demanding a wage increase to $10 an hour, a point system to prevent unjustified firing, and more changes that would protect mailroom workers and improve conditions at the workplace.
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UGSDW Approves New Dining Contract

The new dining contract includes a significant base wage increase, an improved point system, and more. The contract will remain in effect until July 2023.
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$10.00 Wage under new contract
Food Safety Training
25% Decrease in unfilled shifts since new contract
Experience Bonuses
Grievance Procedure
620 Of your fellow students are members.