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UGSDW’s New Year Resolution

UGSDW revisits a historic year of labor organizing, and envisions the fight to build a powerful union for all working students in 2019.
Union members occupy Grinnell's administrative building.

Grinnell College Sent Backpedaling After Successful Student Demonstration

After a student occupation of Grinnell’s administrative building, President Kington said that the college would no longer oppose UGSDW’s request to withdraw its petition.
UGSDW march, December 7. Photo by Winnie Commers.

UGSDW Withdraws Petition, Seeks to Preserve Rights of Student Workers; Grinnell Opposes

To preserve student workers’ rights nationwide, UGSDW has requested to withdraw its position. Grinnell College is hypocritically opposing it.
UGSDW members march to protest Grinnell's actions

Grinnell College, Running Scared… to Trump

On Friday, Grinnell filed a request for review with the National Labor Relations Board in Washington, D.C. If the NLRB grants the college’s request, it could undo our democratic election victory, and strip student workers in the U.S. of their right to unionize. We are disgusted and saddened by Grinnell’s decision to appeal.
Screenshot of framework agreement

Grinnell College Deals Fatal Blow to Civil Discourse… Again.

On Wednesday, President Kington officially ran out of excuses for its refusal to speak with Union leadership, instead resorting to blatant lies. This is yet another chapter in a long series of mistruths peddled by the College.
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25% Decrease in unfilled shifts since new contract
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