A New Beginning in Our Fight

We appreciate the Board of Trustees’ enthusiasm for improving worker conditions, but we continue to believe deeply that positive change must be driven by student workers themselves, and that only workers have the right to decide if they should have a union.
Union vote

UGSDW Members Elect 2020 Executive Board

Members voted in Decemeber to elect 2020 Executive Board. The newly elected officers will assume office on January 1, 2020.
Student worker speaking at the Enough Waiting rally

Trustees: No Decision on Expansion in 2019; Student Workers Rally Against Delays

Outside Nollen House, student workers and community supporters packed the lawn,sharing stories, and singing labor songs. In so doing, we sent a message loud and clear-we have had enough waiting.

Trustees Delay on Expansion Again; UGSDW Announces Next Phase of Organizing.

The Board of Trustees refused to release a timeline on partial expansion. We will fight for fair wages and working conditions for all student workers of Grinnell College with every tool in our arsenal, to the fullest extent of our power.
Isaiah Gutman '23 in the UGSDW Office

First Year Student: Why I am Fighting for Union Expansion

Although Grinnell has many draws, like its strong academics and the intimate campus, one of the primary reasons I came here was the Union of Grinnell Student Dining Workers.
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$10.00 Wage under new contract
Food Safety Training
25% Decrease in unfilled shifts since new contract
Experience Bonuses
Grievance Procedure
620 Of your fellow students are members.