The first independent undergraduate labor union in the country, UGSDW is a democratic organization that fights for fair wages and working conditions for Grinnell College workers.

Our Principles

Our History

The Union of Grinnell Student Dining Workers was started in the spring of 2016 to represent student workers in the dining hall. After the union filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board in April, an election was held to determine whether workers wanted the union to represent them. Employees overwhelmingly chose to be represented by the union, voting in favor by a 91% margin.

Since then, we’ve expanded to include all Dining Services workers. We’ve fought for, and won:


UGSDW is led by the Executive Board, which is elected yearly by the membership. The Board is comprised of our President, Secretary-Treasurer, a number of at-large members, and several appointed advisors, who do not have voting power.

Jacob Schneyer  President
[email protected]

Isaiah Gutman  Secretary-Treasurer
[email protected]

Evangeline Bolles-Rioux  Member At Large
[email protected]

Sofi Carr  Member At Large
[email protected]

Gabe Ferguson  Member At Large
[email protected]

Keir Hichens  Member At Large
[email protected]

Nadia Langley  Member At Large
[email protected]

Zoe Mahler  Member At Large
[email protected]

Oona Miller  Member At Large
[email protected]

Ryland Rich  Member At Large
[email protected]

Jack Watkins  Member At Large
[email protected]

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