Grinnell's Anti-worker Agenda

In September, UGSDW announced a campaign to bring union representation to all student workers at Grinnell. We tried to work with the Grinnell administration to reach an agreement that would ensure students had the right to decide for themselves whether to unionize or not, free from interference and intimidation.

Today, we were saddened to learn that not only will Grinnell oppose the expansion of UGSDW “beyond the confines of dining services and catering,” but the administration believes that “those who engage in work-study are ‘students’ and not ‘employees.’” While we are mystified at the college’s use of quotes, the message is clear: Grinnell is prepared to fight to stop students from organizing for fair wages and working conditions.

We reiterate our request for President Kington to sign our proposed neutrality/card check agreement, and hope you will join us in calling on Grinnell to let student workers have a voice at work:

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