Worker Power, Edition #5

Divided We Beg, United We Bargain

First Bargaining Session: October 6, 4:30 PM — JRC 101 or on Webex; Come Watch Negotiations!

Stand in Solidarity! Bargaining is Open to All

This Thursday, years of organizing will culminate with the beginning of our bargaining process. Make no mistake — the only way that we’ve gotten here is through the organizing that we’ve done together. The College has shown us time and time again that they won’t meet workers’ needs unless we force them to. The only power we have to win our demands is the power that we’ve won through organizing — the power that we have at the bargaining table.

The College has tried everything in its power to make bargaining inaccessible for student workers. They’ve repeatedly proposed restrictive ground rules, like putting the bargaining teams in a room isolated from the audience, limiting our electronic communication during the meeting, and even cancelling bargaining sessions if any “disruptions” occur.

We have the right to a fair, open bargaining process. We want all student workers to hear the College tell us to our faces that they don’t think we deserve fair wages and real job protections. The College is terrified that the entire campus community will show up in solidarity with our demands for a living wage, real recourse, and job security — let’s prove them right.

Student workers need every member of the campus community to show up this Thursday, Oct. 6, to our first bargaining session in JRC 101 or on Webex at 4:30 PM wearing a UGSDW Fair Contract Now button.

Show the College that we are watching and willing to take action to fight for what we need. Show the College we are united in our demands and in this fight!

Vote on Initial Bargaining Proposals

Union members! Check your email for a link to vote via Google Form on the first three bargaining proposals we plan to present during negotiations.

Who Matters Most to Grinnell College?

If you stopped by the HSSC this weekend, or took a peek into JRC 101, you probably saw just how much the College values its trustees and alumni donors — and how workers have to cater to their every need. The College spent untold thousands of dollars on fine food and drink so that trustees and donors might drop another check into the $3.4 billion pool of assets the College already has. Meanwhile, the College still refuses to pay a living wage to the workers who serve those wealthy donors.

Why do wealthy trustees and alumni get special treatment while the College pays workers unfair wages?

The College has the money to pay student workers more! That’s why we’re fighting for substantially higher wages, real recourse against workplace discrimination and harassment, and robust job protections in bargaining.

Show up to bargaining sessions, starting Thursday, Oct. 6, and see for yourself what the College has to say about what we deserve…

New Bargaining Proposal Structure

(Per discussion at last general meeting)

Step 1: Biweekly proposal development meetings every other Saturday. All student workers encouraged to attend.

Step 2: The Bargaining Team drafts proposals based on discussion and sends them to membership for comments.

Step 3: Each proposal goes out for a 3 day online vote open to all UGSDW members.

Step 4: Bargaining Team presents approved proposals at the table.

Feedback and Bargaining Pledge

Fill out our Button Pledge to receive a UGSDW button to wear on Thursday, Oct. 6!

Student Workers: Do you have feedback about our organizing, bargaining, newsletter, etc? Fill out the anonymous survey!

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