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Historic Unionization Hearing Concludes, with NLRB Ruling Pending (Scarlet & Black)

College and Union Convene Historic Hearing on Expanded Unionization Efforts (Scarlet & Black)

UGSDW Aims to Expand (Scarlet & Black)

College Community Debates Expanding Union (Scarlet & Black)

Student Workers Demand Union, College Responds “No” (Scarlet & Black)

Grinnell College attempts to become most unionized campus in America (Daily Tar Heel)

Students seek title of “most unionized campus in the country” (Campus Reform)

These Iowa Students Want Their College to be the “Most Unionized Campus in the Country” (Des Moines Register)

Grinnell Dining Workers Launch Campaign to Represent All Student Campus Workers (Workers Independent News)

Union Plans to Represent All Student Workers (Scarlet & Black)

Grinnell Students Looking to Expand Union (WOI-TV)

Grinnell College Student Workers Seek to Expand Their Union   (Iowa Public Radio)

UGSDW Negotiates 2.7 Percent Pay Raise   (Scarlet & Black)

Student Union Pushes for Wage   (Scarlet & Black)

Undergraduates Are Workers, Too   (Jacobin magazine)

Union of Grinnell Student Dining Workers Advocates for High School Students’ Wages   (Scarlet & Black)

Undergraduate Unions: The Next Frontier?   (Dissent magazine)

Student Dining Worker Union Ratifies Contract, Raises Pay   (Grinnell Magazine)

Union of Students Approves Contract with College   (Scarlet & Black)

Grinnell student employees approve union contract   (Des Moines Register)

Only Independent Undergraduate Labor Union in U.S. Wins Wage Increases   (OurGrinnell)

Bring your Bargaining Chips to the Bargaining Team Meetings   (Scarlet & Black)

Press Releases

Authorizations from Student Workers

UGSDW Files for Election, Paving the Way for Campus-wide Union

October 8, 2018
UGSDW filed a petition on Monday with the federal National Labor Relations Board, a first step towards a union election which would allow UGSDW to represent all student workers at Grinnell College. If more than 50% of the votes at the election are for the union, it will be certified, and the college will be required to start bargaining over wages, benefits, and workplace conditions.
Langston Thomas, speaking

The Most Unionized Campus in America

September 20, 2017
UGSDW announced Wednesday a new effort to unionize all student workers at Grinnell College. If successful, the union would triple the size of its bargaining unit and make Grinnell the only educational institution in the country to have every undergraduate worker represented by a union.
Workers at Grinnell's dining hall

Student Dining Workers Ratify New Contract with Grinnell College

September 9, 2017
UGSDW members voted unanimously Saturday to ratify a new two-year contract with Grinnell College, ending a months-long dispute over cost-of-living adjustments for dining hall employees. Beginning next week, wages will increase to $9.50 per hour from $9.25 per hour. Starting in July 2018, wages will increase again, in proportion to the raise received by other support staff at the college.

Members Reject Grinnell’s Final Offer — Again

August 27, 2017

Press Release

Bob's Underground Cafe

Statement on the Closing of Bob’s Underground Cafe and Lyle’s Pub

August 26, 2017

Press Release

Summer White

UGSDW Endorses Summer White for SGA President

February 23, 2017

Press Release

Spencer Grill

UGSDW Begins Unionization of the Spencer Grill

November 27, 2016

Press Release


First Contract Ratified!

September 27, 2016
Union members today approved their first contract with Grinnell College, and the first in the nation between a private college or university and an undergraduate labor union.
Bargaining Team

Tentative Agreement Reached

September 25, 2016
The Contract Bargaining Team today unanimously recommended the tentative collective bargaining agreement reached with Grinnell College.


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2017 UGSDW Expansion Campaign Announcement
Expansion campaign announcement, September 2017

Equal Wage Protest
Equal wage protest, April 2017

2016 UGSDW Contract Ratification Meeting
2016 contract ratification meeting

2016 UGSDW Bargaining Team
2016 contract bargaining team

Grinnell College
Grinnell College